Transport Infrastructure Ireland was established through a merger of the National Roads Authority and the Railway Procurement Agency under the Roads Act 2015, with effect from 01/08/15. The TII’s primary function is to provide an integrated approach to the future development and operation of the national roads network and light rail infrastructure throughout Ireland. TII brings together two organisations to provide high quality transport infrastructure and services, delivering a better quality of life and supporting economic growth.

In order to assist in the execution of this function, a series of specialist road design offices were set-up throughout the Country within the Local Authority framework.

The Cork County Council National Roads Office was established by the NRA in the late 1990s as part of a network of regional offices. Initially it was focused on the design of national roads in County Cork but has since evolved to encompass the design and management of national road schemes, in Cork City and County. The area under its jurisdiction is administered by two local authorities, Cork City County and Cork County Council. Transport Infrastructure Ireland has stated that Cork County Council is the lead authority for the purpose of management of national roads.

Funding is by way of grant from the Transport Infrastructure Ireland (hereinafter referred to as the TII) and can comprise an element of EU funding as well as exchequer funding. The National Roads Office is involved in national road projects from inception to completion and guides and manages each project through the various steps from project planning, route selection, preparation of environmental impact statements and publication of compulsory purchase orders to the appointment and management of consultants, archaeologists, geologists and construction companies.