Scheme to commence in February 2019 for approximately 16 weeks.

The works are located on the N28 National Primary Route at Shannonpark Roundabout and Raffeen Junction. The type of work involved is the construction of an additional lane on the N28 northern approach and an additional lane on the N28 eastern approach at the Shannonpark Roundabout, removal of the deceleration and acceleration lanes at the Raffeen Junction, upgrade and provision of new shared pedestrian/cycle facilities at both junctions including pedestrian/cycle crossing points at the Raffeen Junction. Works will also include replacing of existing public lighting lanterns with new LED lanterns, removal of vegetation and trimming of existing trees and foliage, provision of new drainage and cleaning of the existing systems, resurfacing of the existing road surface at Raffeen Junction, new signage and road markings, and a new safety barrier at Raffeen Junction.

Planned Start Date:
February 2019
Scheduled Date Of Completion:
June 2019
Road Closure:
Temporary Traffic Management:
Speed Limit Restriction:
60 Km/h
Completed On: