The Cork National Roads Office (NRO) is a local authority shared service in collaboration with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) in respect of national roads within Cork City and Cork County. Cork County Council (CCC) have been designated by TII as the lead road authority for the administration of the Cork NRO.

Mallow to Dungarvan Greenway

Welcome to the Dungarvan to Mallow Greenway project information page. Here you will find information about the Dungarvan to Mallow Greenway project, updates about the current activities surrounding the project.


Please see below for updates on the project:

June 2024

Cork County Council and Waterford City & County Council in partnership with Transport Infrastructure Ireland, have today confirmed that an additional feasibility study will be undertaken on the Dungarvan to Mallow Greenway.

Press Release

May 2024

The current status of the Mallow to Dungarvan Greenway Project is that an assessment of potential route options is ongoing and a preferred route option has not yet been identified. Subject to the satisfactory completion of this process, the Cork National Roads Office expect to be in a position to confirm dates for a public consultation regarding same.

December 2023

Press Release


May 2023

Press Release

Our Vision Statement

The vision for the Dungarvan to Mallow Greenway is to create a walking and cycling path between Dungarvan and Mallow that provides for a world class tourism and recreational experience for people of all ages and abilities. The greenway will integrate with and enhance the existing natural and built features of the region to support the economic development of communities and health of citizens in County Waterford and County Cork.


What has happened previously?

The project commenced in the summer of 2021. Since then, the project has completed the Stage 1 route corridor assessment which has confirmed the greenway should generally follow the corridor of the old railway line with some detours.

Dungarvan to Mallow Greenway – Strategic and Route Corridor Assessment Report





The project team have more recently drafted an Emerging Preferred Route(EPR) and the project liaison team has been meeting with and engaging with landowners directly on and adjacent to the EPR since March 2023.

What is happening now

The option selection process is a critical decision-making point and before further advancing and closing out this process, the decision has been taken to re-assess the feasible options between Dungarvan and Mallow. The project team will use the summer months to take stock of the strategic plan for the project to ensure that it is in the best possible position to progress successfully through the future planning process and onwards to delivery.  The feasibility review will also ensure that the project remains consistent with updated national policies.

In addition to creating a tourism experience that supports the economic development of the region, this much anticipated green infrastructure has the potential to connect communities with key places of work, study and recreation. The use of historic infrastructure and existing built heritage to link people with their local population centres, sports pitches, and schools is an important objective of this green initiative.

Given the further development of national policy in relation to providing safe and segregated sustainable transport options, the project team will review the study area to ensure that the objectives of connecting local communities to key services and enabling a modal shift are fully utilised on the project.

Upon completion of the feasibility study, and subject to continued funding availability, it is anticipated that the scheme will progress to design and environmental evaluation, prior to seeking planning consent. This approach is consistent with new Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) guidelines and with their support, Cork County Council and Waterford City & County Council are committed to developing this critical green infrastructure.

Project Contact

To contact the project team, please email the project Liaison team at

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