N72/N73 Mallow Relief Road


Cork County Council and Transport Infrastructure Ireland have been investigating options for the alleviation of traffic congestion in Mallow Town Centre and its approach roads. Previous schemes have been considered that include relief road route options to accommodate traffic flows on the national road network around Mallow, i.e. traffic travelling between the N72 Mallow-Killarney route to the west, the N72 Mallow-Fermoy-Dungarvan route to the east and the N73 Mallow-Mitchelstown to the northeast.

The N72/N73 Mallow Northern Relief Road is mentioned in the National Development Plan under National Strategic Outcome 2 – Enhanced Regional Accessibility.  This designation for National Strategic Outcome 2 comes directly from Project Ireland 2040 – National Planning Framework.  On the issue of Regional Development, Project Ireland 2040 refers to regional development as being an “essential cog for translating and delivering national policy at a local scale.”

N72/N73 Relief Road for Mallow Contract Signing in November 2019

In November 2019, a contract for the design preparation of the N72/N73 Relief Road for Mallow was signed by Cork County Council Divisional Manager James Fogarty with Barry Transportation Ltd. This signing marks the commencement of the concept and feasibility phase of the planning and design.

An Irish firm of engineering consultants specialising in the development of road infrastructure, Barry Transportation Ltd, have been appointed as Technical Advisors for the preparation of the design and associated environmental reports for the Scheme. The firm will provide all engineering, environmental, economic and appraisal services required to deliver the project through the planning and design phases.

Project Objectives

A number of objectives have been established for the project including:

– Improving regional accessibility;

– Reducing traffic congestion in Mallow Town;

– Improving journey times; and

– Improving safety along the route.

Public Consultation No. 1 – July 2020

The purpose of this public consultation is to inform the public of the initial potential options which have been developed to address the problems identified and the constraints identified to date. Public consultation forms an important part of advancing the design process and allows the involvement of the public in developing the Preferred Option.

A Brochure is available which gives an update on the project, its current status and the next steps. A Questionnaire and Online Feedback Form is also available to provide feedback and further information to the project team.

Public Consultation No.1 Brochure

Public Consultation No.1 Questionnaire – To be returned by the 18th of August 2020

Public Consultation No.1 Online Feedback Form

The project is currently at Phase 2 (Option Selection) of the TII Project Management Guidelines. One of the first stages of the options selection includes an examination of an area, within which all possible solutions could be identified. This area is referred to as the “Study Area”, which has now been established and is depicted in the drawing below.

N72/N73 Mallow Relief Road Study Area & Initial Preliminary Options

Within this Study Area, initial constraints have been identified and the planning and design work has commenced with the identification of the initial potential options. An option for improvement of the existing road network, including online widening of traffic management measures, shall also be considered. This Public Consultation will afford an opportunity for the public to be fully informed and to raise questions, concerns and comments for future consideration.

As part of the public consultation, drawings of the initial potential options and known constraints can be viewed at the following links:

Initial Potential Options Drawings

Stage 1 Route Options: 19415-BT-GN-ML-DR-C_4005_Stage 1 Route Options C01

Stage 1 Route Options with Constraints on Ortho Mapping: 19415-BT-GN-ML-DR-C_4014_Stage 1 Route Options, Ortho Mapping and Constraints C01

Constraint Drawings

Monuments: 19415-BT-GN-XX-DR-Z_4200_Constraints Mapping_Monuments C01

Waste Facilities: 19415-BT-GN-XX-DR-Z_4202_Constraints Mapping_Waste Facilities C01

Groundwater Wells and Springs: 19415-BT-GN-XX-DR-Z_4203_Constraints Mapping_Groundwater Wells Springs C01

Groundwater Vulnerability:19415-BT-GN-XX-DR-Z_4204_Constraints Mapping_Groundwater Vulnerability C01

Groundwater Aquifer: 19415-BT-GN-XX-DR-Z_4205_Constraints Mapping_Groundwater Aquifer C01

Geological Heritage: 19415-BT-GN-XX-DR-Z_4207_Constraints Mapping_Geological Heritage C01

Quarries and Minerals: 19415-BT-GN-XX-DR-Z_4208_Constraints Mapping_Quarries and Minerals C01

Landslide Susceptibility: 19415-BT-GN-XX-DR-Z_4209_Constraints Mapping_Landslide Susceptibility C01

Crushed Rock Aggregate Potential:19415-BT-GN-XX-DR-Z_4210_Constraints Mapping_Crushed Rock Aggregate Potential C01

Bedrock Geology: 19415-BT-GN-XX-DR-Z_4211_Constraints Mapping_Bedrock Geology C01

Subsoils: 19415-BT-GN-XX-DR-Z_4212_Constraints Mapping_Subsoils C01

Corine: 19415-BT-GN-XX-DR-Z_4213_Constraints Mapping_Corine 2018 C01

Noise Day: 19415-BT-GN-XX-DR-Z_4214_Constraints Mapping_Noise Day C01

Noise Night: 19415-BT-GN-XX-DR-Z_4215_Constraints Mapping_Noise Night C01

Utilities: 19415-BT-GN-XX-DR-Z_4217_Constraints Mapping_Utilities C01

Geodirectory: 19415-BT-GN-XX-DR-Z_4218_Constraints Mapping_Geodirectory C01

Sensitive Receptors: 19415-BT-GN-XX-DR-Z_4219_Constraints Mapping_Sensitive Receptors C01

Health Centres: 19415-BT-GN-XX-DR-Z_4220_Constraints Mapping_Health Centres C01

Designated Areas: 19415-BT-GN-XX-DR-Z_4221_Constraints Mapping_Designated Areas C01

Combined Constraints – Eastern Study Area: 19415-BT-GN-XX-DR-Z_4226_Combined Constraints_Eastern Study Area C01


Cork County Council values the opinion of the community on the project and welcomes comment from the public and interested parties. You can provide feedback by emailing the project team using the following email address mallowrr@corkrdo.ie. It would be appreciated if you could include the completed Questionnaire in any feedback to be provided.